Top 3 Proven Sales Tactic for this Year 2018

Have you ever experienced getting irritated with sales personnel because he or she continuously sell a product in your face even after you say “NO”? If yes, you are not alone. That kind of scenery is a normal sighting on malls, even at home when someone knocks on your door asking for your time so that they can introduce the product they are selling.

The job of selling

Their job might be irritating at times or uncool for others but, selling is essential in the business industry.  Believe it or not, it’s very important to the point that many businesses have already shut down because they do not know how to sell their products. It does not matter if you have the best products or services in town or in the country, without an effective sales tactic you can never lift your business to the ground.

If you are an entrepreneur or is planning to start a business, it is highly recommended if you are aware of the effective sales tactics in different industries. By knowing this, you are able to apply this to your other businesses if you have one.

1. This is hard. “Forget your products”

21 - Top 3 Proven Sales Tactic for this Year 2018

As an entrepreneur, you are proud of your products and services. You are using it every day to show people how proud you are. But now, I’m challenging you to set aside your products. Instead of shoveling the product to your consumers which is not a very good move, you should identify their needs and meet them.

By doing so, you are not only a salesman but a problem solver too.

2. Cold Calling is over but Lukewarm is in

22 - Top 3 Proven Sales Tactic for this Year 2018

In general, cold calling is also known as smile and dial. For years it has been used by businesses to make many calls as possible hoping to hit the jackpot. But now, things are different. The days of cold calling are over, instead. Sales professionals rely on technology in search of potential hot leads or just lukewarm.

3. Search for the “hot” button

23 - Top 3 Proven Sales Tactic for this Year 2018

Hot button or also called as pain button are the different reasons on why consumers buy the same products or services. By finding your consumers hot button, you’ll be able to come up with a proper sales pitch.

Now that you are already aware of these top 3 effective sales tactics in different industries making a sale is no longer a problem on your part.

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