Choose a Consulting Firm that is Right for You!

Most people at your age are very interested when it comes to pursuing a path as a sales consultant. Maybe because being a sales consultant offers the following benefits such as good profit, travel opportunities, being exposed to numerous industries, work with different kinds of leaders, give chance to work with talented and smart co-workers, and freedom.

Although being a sales consultant offers numerous benefits, you can’t deny the fact that your work is stressful at some point and time but what work is easy right? If you want to be a famous or well-known sales consultant it would be best if you can gain experience in different consulting firms.

Actually, they are different types of consulting firms you can work at, check them out below.

Types of Consulting Firms:

1. The BIG 5 Consulting Firms

31 - Choose a Consulting Firm that is Right for You!

A sample of this type of consulting firm is Accenture, Bain and Company and more. These firms generally work for the biggest Fortune 500 with multifaceted and projects worldwide. This is probably the best option for these firms are well-developed, has defined sales consulting strategies, clear training programs, provide career path options and offers work privilege towards smart and young workers.

2. The Boutique Consulting Firms

32 - Choose a Consulting Firm that is Right for You!

These firms are made out of specialized sales consultant in a particular industry. Unlike the Big 5, these firms are smaller but often provide much interesting work opportunities. If you choose to work to this kind of firm, you’ll be able to have a direct access to the senior consultants which provides the greatest, invaluable mentoring chances; you are entitled to more client contact and with less officialdom.

3. The Consulting Division of Service Companies

33 - Choose a Consulting Firm that is Right for You!

Some sample of these consulting firms is Oracle and IBM. Unlike the other firms mentioned above, these firms tend to supplement from the products of their mother company but, they also involve some broad-based consulting projects you’ll surely enjoy. Similar to the Big 5, these type of firm also has well-developed consulting methodologies, training programs and good career path for consultants as talented as you.

4. Self-Employed Consulting Firms

34 - Choose a Consulting Firm that is Right for You!

From the term itself, these firms usually work from home. The idea here is that you are able to hang out in the comfort of your own home and go after clients yourself. Without a senior consultant telling you what to do, you are able to specialize in things you are interested in such as web strategy, marketing advice or human resources.

Aside from those, you have a total control on everything; you directly work with clients, entitled to learning opportunities and profit all for yourself to indulge with.

Choose a consulting firm you want to work at and from there you are able to gain the experience that you need.

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